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I've been in the Music business 20 years and I've met some genuine loving souls all over the world.
Jina Ink company has now expanded to Tejano Ink that means we are officially a merchandise store too. Soon I will have a brochure to send out, keep logging on. I'll let you know where all the coolest hot spots are in San Antonio Texas and Surrounding areas.
I work with George Mercado and Vesta Realm as Their publicist and Anthony Hernandez and The Crew as well. So we'll be sure to update you on the latest concerts and Live Band performances.
Don't forget our Party Patrol Girls, they are not contracted through our non profit yet.
We self pay all the events we travel to. So don't forget to send some love through tips.
It helps out through traveling and we want to make sure gas goes a long way. ?
Be sure to sign up to get the latest in entertainment news & music! and Tip our Photographers and videographers.
please by clicking on the donate button on front page. Thank you for your continued support.
Jina Inks Party Patrol is known for its fan club, this year we're adding merchandise so you can take and share Jina Inks Party Patrol wherever you go.
We are officially registered and Jina Ink is a trademark for all designs with Party Patrol.
We own all copy rights with the name and we're here to celebrate the Music We love.
Every Christian merchandise I sell, a profit of that will be shared with the Woman's and Children's Shelter of San Antonio Texas

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Click on picture for more entertainment news